The Department of Political Science and History, together with the Department of Social Policy, constitute the Faculty of Political Sciences at Panteion University.


Dean of the Faculty:  Prof. Ioannis KOUZIS
Head of Department:  Prof. Georgios XIROPAIDIS
Director of the Postgraduate Program:  Prof. Lina VENTURAS
Head of the Academic Unit “Political Sociology and Comparative Politics”:  Prof. Vassiliki GEORGIADOU
Head of the Academic Unit “Modern and Contemporary History”: AssociateProf. Despina PAPADIMITRIOU
Head of the Academic Unit “Social and Political Theory”: Associate Prof. Grigoris ANANIADIS
Departmental Secretary:   Vaya Dermentzoglou


Governing Bodies of the Department:

Departmental Assembly: The Departmental Assembly is the supreme governing and academic body of the Department and decides on its research and academic policy.

Departmental Assembly for Postgraduate Studies: The Departmental Assembly for Postgraduate Studies oversees and decides on all matters related to postgraduate studies (Master’s and Ph.D. Programs).

Steering Committee for Postgraduate Studies:




Heads of Department (from the Department’s establishment to date)

1  Stefanos PAPAGEORGIOU 1997-1999, 1999-2001
2  Alkis RIGOS 2001-2003
3  Kleomenis KOUTSOUKIS 2003-2004
4  Nikos THEOTOKAS 2004-2006
5  Stefanos PESMAZOGLOU 2006-2008
6  Procopis PAPASTRATIS                                    2008-2010
7  Nikos THEOTOKAS 2010-2012
8  Kate ARONI-TSICHLI 2012-2014
9  Penelope FOUNDETHAKIS 2014-2016, 2016-2018
10  Christina KOULOURI  2018-2020