European Party Families: Social Democracy

 Mimes x office document icon PROGRAMME: Undergraduate
SEMESTER: 5th & 7th semester
CATEGORY: Elective
ERASMUS : Available
INSTRUCTOR: G. Moschonas
ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ 110501  

Short description ― The course presents one of the most important party families in Europe, the social-democratic family. The aim is to examine the transformations of this party family by emphasizing its macro-historical evolution. The analysis will follow the transformation of European social-democratic parties from the end of the nineteenth century to nowadays. The course is offered in English and mainly addresses Erasmus students.

Core Topics ― Historical legacies (1): The Programmatic agenda of social democracy during the Second International (1889-2014)

Historical legacies (2): The partial re-foundation during the interwar years

Social democracy’s post-war success story

The Electoral Dynamics of European Social Democratic Parties, 1950-2020

Social Democracy in crisis

Social Democracy and economic crises

European Constraints: The EU and the Destabilization of Social Democracy in Historical Perspective

The Party of European Socialists (PES)

Aims and intended learning outcomes ― Students will become familiar with the major interpretations and theories of the literature on social-democracy.

Better understanding of European politics. 

Familiarization with party politics

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  Assessment ― (1) Participation in classroom discussions (20%). (2)S tudents will     write  an essay/research paper (4500 words) (80%).