European Union: Institutions and Policies

 Mimes x office document icon PROGRAMME: Undergraduate
SEMESTER: 1st/3rd semester
CATEGORY: Compulsory with option
ERASMUS : Not available
ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ 110461  

This module is an introduction to the institutions and policies of the European Union (EU).  It starts with a discussion of the history of the EU and the key European integration theories.  It continues with an analysis of the main EU institutions but also the other actors that play an important role in EU politics such as member-states and interest groups.  A discussion of specific EU policies such as economic and monetary policy, cohesion policy, environmental policy and migration policy, follows.  The module concludes with a critical discussion of the EUs recent crises (e.g. Eurozone crisis, Brexit, migration and Covid-19) and their significance for the future of the EU project.


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