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Issues in Historiography: the interface between high & low culture

 Mimes x office document icon PROGRAMME: Undergraduate
SEMESTER: 2nd 4th semester
CATEGORY: Compulsory with option
ERASMUS : Not available
INSTRUCTOR: El. Andriakaina
ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ 110322  

An introduction to classic books and major texts on the interface between high and low culture, the relation between instrumental and ludic, non-instrumental activities and the cultural turn in the field of humanities and social sciences: M. Bakhtin’s study on Rabelais, a study of the folk culture of laughter, the dialogue between elite and popular culture and the playful festivities undermining the hierarchical order of the Middle Ages; R. Sennett’s book The Craftsman, a study which attempts to establish connections between vocation and ethics and evaluate the skills of  Homo Faber; St. Collini’s study on The Two Cultures – an essay on the debate about the worth of humanities and sciences and the divide between natural scientists and literary intellectuals.


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